Who are Osar?

The word Osar in Spanish means ‘to dare’, which felt perfectly suited to what we are trying to achieve. We’re trying to do things differently, so we can enjoy our work and more importantly work with interesting and ambitious people. We are a reliable collective who are all ambitious and want to be part of interesting projects/briefs that drive results for our clients.

We are collective of experienced specialists who think there is a better way of working. A way of working that better suits our clients, where we become part of your team, and not just another agency or consultant you have to manage.

We’re not just another outsourced person or company, we are a collective of people who you can trust and will deliver you an amazing service.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve all worked for and with start-ups and small businesses and we know that they don’t want to hire a huge team full of bespoke experts.

It’s never easy to hire people to work with, especially for the first time. Our promise to you is that we will always be 100% open with you and put maximum effort into every project we work on. We want to build long lasting relationships, not just one-off projects.

We’ll be completely transparent about how much you will get for your money. Again, we know that small companies don’t have an endless pit of money, so we offer real solutions for sensible costs.

3 values:
Collaborate / Trust / Daring

Meet The Team


Branding, Marketing and Comms

Nick has over 5+ years of experience in the advertising industry working across clients such as Tesco, Visa, Toyota, Sky Sports and Viber. He ran multi-channel campaigns for these brands across European and Global markets. After ad-land, Nick worked as a brand consultant for a number of small start ups, and for a couple years headed up Brand and Communications at a tech-for-good start up called Lightful.


Founder & Technical Lead

Steven is a coffee lover and workaholic, he’s usually found in coffee shops working on projects and collaborating with others. He comes from the e-gaming industry, working on everything from websites, to highly scalable services and business automation. He has worked across many industries which gives him a broad outlook on the tech industry and start-up’s needs.


DevOps Architect & Integration Specialist

Tim has spent years building and maintaining platforms for businesses, he has deep knowledge of how to make sure your systems stay up while you sleep. Currently Tim works with various clients including high-profile banks, so he’s used to performing under pressure.


Reporting & BI Specialist

Yuan, with 5+ years of experience as a business/data analyst, sees himself as a craftsman manipulating data and analytics to provide both effective and practical BI solutions. He has a passion for discovering insights from complex data, a keen sense for design and always strives to streamline business processes.

Our Services


Websites | Backend Services | Apps | Cloud Solutions | Automation | Maintenance | Code Reviews

At the heart of every consultancy company is the passion to create solutions. Once we have worked with you to identify goals, we can work hard to develop a solution, allowing you to get back to your business. Whether this be websites, automation or system upgrades, we have the team and experience to deliver.


Brand Strategy | Brand identity | Graphic design | Website design | Brand campaigns

We’ll help build or boost your brand to better engage your audience and stand out from your competition. Whether it’s brand strategy or identity, we’ve got every part of your brand covered.

Advisory & Leadership

Ideation | Research | Planning | Project Management

Let us lead brainstorming sessions, explore new ideas, and create research and presentation packs. We’ll take the idea from a distant dream to a deployable application.


Marketing Strategy | Communications Strategy | Advertising | Social Media | SEO | Copywriting

From a marketing strategy to a channel-by-channel communications strategy, we will help you market your product or service to achieve purposeful results.

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Don't hesitate to reach out to us with your ideas and troubles, use our "Request A Callback" form on the contact page or email [email protected].

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