Who are Osar?

"Osar" is an old Spanish verb meaning "to dare", a perfectly suited name for a fresh take on consultancy partnerships.

We are a collective of individuals who want to work with companies that have ambition, we created this company to retake the passion for what was once just our hobby. We aim to be reliable resources that companies want to work with.

Why Choose Us?

Finding the perfect outside resource is never easy, every company has specific or obscure needs, and we know this. We promise to be 100% open with our available resources and expertise, we pride ourselves on being experts in our chosen areas.

We suggest that you reach out to discuss your needs from an early stage.

Our Services


We listen, document, and plan for your success. Many times in traditional businesses you may be missing opportunities or struggling to keep up with changing technologies. We aim to assist in exploring new ideas or helping achieve your current goals.


Development and change requires time, not only to reduce the possibility of failure but also to reduce costs. Whether it be managing outsourced development, or collecting internal business requirements, it all takes time that regular staff don't have. We believe in a service that allows us to offer pay-as-you-go project management assistance, freeing up your time from creating Jira or Trello tickets, or breaking down project requirements to user stories.


At the heart of every consultancy company is the passion to solve new problems, we love to help others create simple solutions to their business. Once we think we've identified the goal, we can work hard to develop solutions in a timely manner that require little to no maintenance, allowing you to get back to your business.


Connect with us and allow us to brainstorm with or for you, we have all spent years in companies pushing new ideas, and now we want to help you. Have an idea that you're yet to explore? We can research, design and present back as much as you want.

Talk to Us

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with your ideas and troubles, use our "Request A Callback" form on the contact page or email [email protected].

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